Couples of Freo

If you would like to be photographed in my ‘Couples of Freo’ please get in contact with me ASAP.

This is a multi-media photo essay combining audio with photography and aiming to showcase Freos unique character and characters.

Colour film and colourful unique street backdrops will be used such decaying walls in alleyways etc, to bring out this feel.

If you choice to take part in a photoshoot with me, you will be provided with unique, gritty & colourful photos which are not normally associated with family or portrait photography.

Photos will be provided to you in the form of raw film negatives as well as a scanned and photoshop adjusted version.

For more information, e.g. prices and availability, please contact me ASAP.

Meet a few of the couples that have been taken part in my project already.

If you know of any couples who lives in Freo and might be interested in some unique film photographs, forward this page onto them. Thanks!