A Portrait of Cars

A Portrait of Cars is a combination of two analogue personal photography projects I have been working on over the past 12 months, i.e Vintage Cars and Empty Spaces.

The photos are presented in a diptych format where by one ‘vintage car’ has been set aside one ‘empty space’. The aim being to bring ‘A Portrait of Cars’ to life, provide them with a personality and a back-story to match.

The project has come about when I began noticing (and wanting to photograph) the old, colourful and very cool looking cars still in the road today, surrounded by a sea of modern day, very dull looking cars with the same muted colours and looks to them. The older, more colourful looking cars seem to have their own personality types, which is when I decided to make a fictional backstory with empty spaces and people around.

Although the photos are often taken on the same roll of film, they are rarely taken in the same vicinity or time and their stories do not relate. So the challenge for me with this this project has been to make the story behind the car (or bike in one instance) believable.

Both photos where taken using film cameras and usually with the same film to match the colours and look and help create their vintage, nostalgic story. They were mainly taken in Perth’s Western Suburbs.

I hope that the viewer looks at these photos and questions, ‘is that where that car lives, has that car just come from that place, or is that the owner of that car, etc.

Please feel free to comment after looking.

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