50 Unknown

50 unknown is a street photography project which began in 2011 shooting candidly on the streets of Perth and Fremantle.

Why 50?  50 photos will be selected for a photobook which will be on display and for sale at an exhibition i will be holding at Fidels Cafe in Fremantle in April.

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The aim of  ’50 Unknown’ was to pick out individuals as they go about their daily routines, and create a image of them which is hopefully as interesting as a scene shot from a classic film. I like the idea that everyone has an interesting story to them, and given the right combination of visual elements, the most ordinary looking person, or daily routine can be brought to life and made to look interesting, almost as if they were apart of a movie set.

In my photos, an extra visual element other than the obvious, is what I am looking for. For example, my photo of the man carrying his dry-cleaning suddenly became a photo worth taking when he positioned himself perfectly framed by an old street door, my photo of the lady smoking came to life when the backlight lit up the smoke and brought out details on her old skin, pretty fingernails, and ash on the cigarette, and the photo of the  ladies in animated conversation wouldn’t have been so interesting without the lively shadows cast against the street wall.

So what I have been looking for when walking the streets is one element that is semi interesting, and then trying to marry it up with another element of interest, either by following the person for a bit with my camera, or waiting for someone to move into the particular backdrop I have chosen.

Sometimes I can see the photo, in the ‘minds eye’, without having to put a camera up to the face, other times it needs my camera up to my eye and scanning the scene for a potentially interesting shot, mostly a combination of both.