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II have been practicing a common street photography technique which involves exposing for the highlights in a scene where there is high light contrasts. In other words under-exposing the scene by 1 or 2 stops. It provides a very dramatic effect and can be used to focus the viewers attention in on a person in a crowded street.

The shot below was very tricky to expose due to the extreme contrast of the scene. I decided to preserve the highlights, allowing for the surrounding to lay in the dark, simply by underexposing by 2 stops.

This technique is used by many, but best used by these photographers, Katrin Koenning.


This photo, ‘Mother and Daughter’,  recieved a bronze in the ‘people’ catergory. It was 1 point away from a silver. It was taken with an old black and white film camera in Perth city centre.
Click here to the top 50 photos awarded.
The competition was judged by an expert panel of experienced professional photographers, including Peter Eastway, Philip Andrews, Nick Rains, Tony Hewitt and Christian Fletcher.