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I have started a new ‘unknown’ project. It is called “Couples of Freo”. Unlike 50 Unknown, where I have been focussing on candid street photography of individuals, in this new project I will be focussing couples. More specifically, couples who live in Fremantle.

A candid, photojournalistic, street photography style will still be used to a certain extent and I plan to update here with a couple of the better shots after every shoot. Interviews are taking place over the next two weeks, and the shoot will commence the week after that.

Throughout this photo project, i hope to discover more the couples that call freo home and what makes them love it so much. I hope to be able to produce a photo book at the culmination of the project, and a sound slide will also be produced.

Thanks to, for helping me promote this project.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating;

+ high-res version

Twin towers was taken at sunset at a major lights intersection on St Georges Tce in Perth with a super-wide angle (10mm) lens. I have an idea to go back to this spot at some stage, set an external flash up in the tree above where this man is a get a series of really crisp shots. It is a very dramatic, Trent Parke like location.