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Please come and have a coffee at Fidels Cafe and have a look at my street photography exhibition.

Thanks to Mayra for her great book designing. Mayra is a photographer and Indesign, Blurb, photo junction wiz. She is available for album and book design on request. Email her at

+ high-res version

Still searching for one or two more for the 50 Unknown Project. A possibility……

This photo is of a girl shopping in one of the many vintage clothing shops in Perth, this one is called Fi & Co, and in on William St in Northbridge.

Northbridge is a wonderful blend of asian culture and student culture. Combine this with events such as Fringe World Festival, Chinese New Year, and the Festival of Perth which are presently taking place, and it becomes a great place to photograph.

+ high-res version

I am back shooting on the streets of perth hand Fremantle trying to get one or two more keepers for the ‘50 Unknown‘ exhibition at Fidels Cafe in March- April for the FotoFreo festival.

Im pretty sure i didn’t nail any here. I have temporarily lost my touch after shooting landscapes for the last 2 months.

Here are another couple of contenders to make the final 50 of the ’50 Unknown’ Project, my first official photo essay I am working on which focus’s in on individuals as they go about their daily routines and the beautiful angelic state that can be created by them given the right combination of visual elements.

These photos were taken on a quick photo-walk through northbridge with my old film camera, the EOS 50, on 400 ISO fuji film. Film is a beautiful look, one that cant be replicated by any photoshop techniques. Just a shame it is so expensive.

+ high-res version

The Bar Man was sitting contemplating life in a Freo bar  and as I walked past I snapped just the one frame before the noticed me. It can be purchase in a  frame by click here.
Hi name was Len, and he walked past and asked what i was taking photos of. I asked him for a quick photo and he looked straight through the camera lens without a smile as instructed. Thanks Len