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Continuing my look-out for old or interesting cars on the streets of perth, here is my latest few. As with everything on this blog, all photos are taken on film cameras.


This was my first film from my new film camera. It is a Contax 645 medium format film camera.
The camera is much bigger and heavier than a my 35mm camera, but the image size of 645 is nearly 2.7x larger than that of 35mm i have been using. Therefore I am hoping better quality. This is helped by the very high quality 80mm Ziess f2 lens it comes with.
The one drawback with this camera is that I am finding it hard to focus, the auto focus is way off and the focusing screen is quite dark. This is going to slow things down dramatically when shooting portraits, which is what I hoped to do with it. Stay tuned!

CNV00014-14 CNV00012-12 CNV00011-11 CNV00009-9 CNV00003-3-Edit CNV00002-2-Edit avantcard_2 albany_sailing ---_0148-63 ---_0147-62_(original)


This will be my last Empty Spaces post for 2012.  Some statistic for your interest; since starting ‘the unknown project’ at the start of the year, i have had 22, 782 views, 49 posts, 266 comments, and most importantly for me 978 followers (from 139 countries).

So for those of you following my project, thank you for your support and please stay in touch!

Also, I will be putting out an ‘Empty Spaces 2013 Calendar’ over the next couple of weeks, so follow me here if you would like to be notified when it is released.