Please come and have a coffee at Fidels Cafe and have a look at my street photography exhibition.

Thanks to Mayra for her great book designing. Mayra is a photographer and Indesign, Blurb, photo junction wiz. She is available for album and book design on request. Email her at




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  1. April 7, 2012

    I really like your book, there are a lot of so poetic moments, very romantic way i mean! my favorites were:
    1) Mother and Child
    2) The dry cleaning
    3) The future (well, i’m not so sure, i hope you understand, if we talk of the moment of the take, i think it is good, but the subject, or may just the title, I really don’t know…)
    4) The Bag
    5) The prayer (one of the best, oh man! A grace-filled moment!)
    6) The insignificant (I love it as i love Sartre stories)
    7) The last light
    8) The mystery man (another of the best for me)
    9) The conversation (Ooobviously one of the better, better! very 20’s, one of the best stories captured on a photography i’ve seen)
    10) The Umbrella Silhouette (I’ve painted something a bit like that
    11) Sunday at church (I felt this one very US style, in the guess?-brand mood, hope it doesn’t bothers you, ’cause i really like it)

    Finally, congratulations, you’re an inspiration for me, since you took that radical change from tennis to photography, you had made a great decision, just because the great moment you bring to me this afternoon.

    Sincerely and maybe not-very-well-wrote (cause i don’t speak english very well)

    Darbo Scalante

  2. April 16, 2012

    Reblogged this on Dagda Publishing and commented:
    Whilst we’re getting our next pieces together for the site, have a look at this from Ben Reynolds (AKA The Unknown Project) on WordPress. This guy is one seriously talented photographer, and certainly can tell a story in every picture.

  3. June 19, 2012

    Excellent info provided. I surely gonna bookmark your blog. Keep continue the same work. Cheers!!!

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